Communication.  Education.  Support.

These are the pillars of IntegriTec’s consultation services.  We have been offering consultations since we opened our doors in 1999.  Our team is here to walk you through different solutions and techniques to optimize your facility’s water treatment.

The Process

When hiring IntegriTec for a consultation, a member of our team visits and reviews your facility and ask you two key questions:

  • What is your problem? 
  • What are the issues?

We then start by observing how you’re treating your system currently to assess what does and doesn’t work in the current model.

From there, our team can walk you through solutions:

Changes to the chemicals used on your site

Changes and improvements to your equipment used

More education on different treatment techniques and approaches

IntegriTec owner and head consultant Dave Lampart has been in the business for over 30 years.  IntegriTec’s consulting model aims to educate and guide you to find the perfect treatment solutions for you.  As consultants at your facility, we become support members of your team and keep you informed on regulations, solutions, and options to keep your facility safe and running.