What Is Hyperchlorination?

Simply put, hyperchlorination is a method to mitigate Legionella within domestic water systems. On average, 75% of Legionella cases are detected in domestic hot water recirculating systems. IntegriTec, Inc. provides hyperchlorinations, disinfections, and other solutions to eliminate legionella outbreak.

How We Do It

At IntegriTec, we work closely and swiftly within our network to create solutions through hyperchlorination:

  • IntegriTec consults with mechanical engineers to write hyperchlorination specifications for new construction projects or facilities already experiencing biological problems in their domestic water system.
  • IntegriTec partners with many mechanical contractors to provide hyperchlorinations of new domestic water piping systems in various settings.

In addition to having the ability to mitigate an existing Legionella issue, IntegriTec also provides hyperchlorinations to facilities on a regular basis as a preventative measure.

We serve the NY-NJ-PA tristate area and operate under New York state’s highest guidelines. If there’s a problem, IntegriTec answers the call.